Nanaimo Pumpkin Festival - Pumpkin Contest - Giant Pumpkins - Events

Nanaimo’s Annual Pumpkin Festival will be held at Shady Mile Farm Market on October 15 and 16. We have fun events for the whole family to enjoy such as face painting, pumpkin bowling, giant pumpkin weigh off contest, pony rides, pumpkin carving, live band, the petting farm and of course the famous hayrides at Shady Mile Farm Market.

We are excited and pleased to announce over $2500.00 in cash and prizes to be given away during this festival. One of the prizes is a water feature by the water fountains company to be all garden decor and fountains company, garden-fountains.com!

We have a perfect venue for The Nanaimo Pumpkin Festival this year; Shady Mile Farm Market. Shady Mile Farm Market is Island famous for its refreshments, fresh produce, unique products, friendly staff, garden plants, and petting farm.

The Pumpkin Festival’s main event is a huge pumpkin weigh off contest. We hope to attract hundreds of Atlantic Giant Pumpkin growers and their families to our beautiful city of Nanaimo to weigh in their giant pumpkins. These Atlantic Giant Pumpkins commonly reach weights of 1000 pounds and more. Come and see a truly amazing event!!

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